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+[* black] Opening the Retina iMac's can be tricky and you need the right tools. And you're going to need a few things to open the case and to install the SSD correctly.
+[* black] Here's the current iFixit tear down that shows you what you're getting into. [guide|30260]
+[* black] And from our friends at OWC, they have a great video on taking the HDD complete out and replacing it with an SSD, but this guide will show how to simply leave the HDD and install the SSD.
+[* black] Make sure to grab the essential tools like: [product|IF145-307] and [product|IF145-259] for opening up the iMac, although I used a medical scalpel, I found that the "guitar pick" was too weak and too thick. The "Jimmy" would be a great substitute for a scalpel.

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