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[* black] With the new camera out of the way, we work our way deeper into the 7.
[* black] Next out: the [guide|67384|audio baffle|stepid=136473|new_window=true] that thinks it's a headphone jack.
- [* icon_note] Maybe it channels sound. Maybe it secures the connector. Or maybe it's some sort of plastic ear...maybe we'll never know. Maybe we don't want to...
+ [* black] ***Teardown Update***: [|According to Apple|new_window=true], this plastic component is a barometric vent. With the added ingress protection afforded by the watertight seal, the iPhone uses this baffle to equalize the internal and atmospheric pressures in order to have an accurate altimeter.
[* black] This Taptic Engine takes advantage of its extra legroom, sizing up for its home button haptic duties.
[* black] With the path cleared, we use our handy spudger to release the adhesive from beneath the battery. We wind up and peel out the three battery pull tabs.