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-[* black] Battery
+[* black] Finally, we've reached the iPhone 7's power source. What strange energies fuel this dark obelisk? Magic? The offal of a dying star?
+[* black] Actually, it's a relatively benign Lithium-ion battery. This 3.8 V, 7.45 Whr battery is rated for a capacity of 1960 mAh—a notable increase from the 1715 mAh battery in [guide|48170|last year's model|stepid=107877|new_window=true].
+[* black] Apple claims that this upgraded cell will provide up to 14 hours of 3G talk time, 14 hours of Wi-Fi internet browsing, and 10 days of standby.
+ [* icon_note] The improved battery life is great, but we're most excited about the fact that this battery keeps its replacement-friendly pull tabs—''and'' the fact that it hasn't blown up on us.