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Düzenleyen: Brittany McCrigler

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[* black] Inside we find an army of ''courageous ''[product|IF145-312|Tri-point|new_window=true] screws guarding the cable bracket that covers the battery connector and two of the display cables.
[* black] A second platoon of Tri-points secure the bracket for the long and springy upper component display cable.
[* icon_note] Tri-point screws are uncommon. While you could make the argument that tri-point screws are less likely to strip, we assume if it was a choice of mechanical advantage, we'd see them throughout iDevices. It's pretty clear that they are here to simply hinder the two most common user repairs: battery and screen replacements.
[* black] We dispatch our own ~~weaponry~~ screwdriver and force the bracket to surrender so we can continue our mission into the heart of the iPhone 7 Plus.