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Düzenleyen: Scott Havard

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Scott Havard


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[* black] What do you do when presented with a haptic mechanism that is tough to understand? You X-ray it. And that is exactly what we did with the Taptic Engine.
[* black] Taptic Engine sounds like something found on an [|intergalactic warship|new_window=true]. In truth we really are just working with some zig-zag springs that shake a weight.
[* black] The Taptic Engine interprets the strength of the contact made on the home button and translates it into spring oscillation. Haptic technology is really that simple...
[* black] We all love the sensation of clicking a button. The controlled oscillation of the springs is designed to create the feeling of pressing a mechanical button.
[* icon_note] Why not just use a regular button with a haptic addition like the [guide|48170|iPhone 6|stepid=107875|new_window=true]? Well, less moving parts does mean there is less of a chance for water to sneak in.