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Düzenleyen: Brittany McCrigler

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[* black] Pumpkin: this fall's must-have device. Despite a yearly release cycle, our Late 2016 Pumpkin doesn't sport any major upgrades from last year's model.
[* icon_note] It's scratchgate all over again! Our brand-new Pumpkin came with a few dents and dings. This could bode ill for Pumpkin's durability over time.
[* black] Here's some specs on Pumpkin:
[* orange] Pumpkin comes in three big league shades: Ginger Gourd, Billionaire Orange, and Trumpkin Tangerine
[* orange] This model is marketed primarily as decorative, lacking the necessary features (e.g. heat sensitive tissue) for models used in pie-making.
[* orange] No operating software is required