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[* black] This triple-decker design is a little different from the [guide|19493|''first'' fourth PlayStation|new_window=true] we tore down, but that doesn't stop our teardown engineers—without wasting time, we flip the console over, pop the first panel and hit paydirt!
[* black] A single standard Phillips #0 screw stands between us and hard drive swapping glory. Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.
- [* icon_reminder] Replacements are awesome.
+ [* icon_reminder] Replacements are awesome, and in keeping with a long tradition—every PlayStation to use a hard drive has had a ''user replaceable'' hard drive.
+ [* black] Like the Original [guide|3476|PlayStation 3|new_window=true]
+ [* black] And the [guide|3223|Slim|new_window=true]
+ [* black] And the [guide|10670|Super Slim|stepid=38613|new_window=true]
+ [* black] Right up to the Original [guide|24717|PlayStation 4|new_window=true] and [|PlayStation 4 Slim|new_window=true]