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-[* black] Hidden under the warranty stickers we find—surprise, surprise—the screws we need to remove to get in!
-[* black] The first panel comes free after dispatching a few screws. A few more bite the dust and moments later, we're through the metal shielding.
- [* icon_note] Unfortunately this just gives us a view of the motherboard's backside... Maybe the grass will be greener on the other side?
+[* black] As expected, we're gonna have to remove these these "warranty void if seal removed" to go any further.
+ [* black] Adding a bit of insult to injury, those hidden screws are ''Security'' Torx—a screw type specifically designed to hinder.
+[* black] Luckily, even the most dastardly screw head is no match for our [product|IF145-299|64 Bit Driver Kit|new_window=true]. Case opened and we're able to remove a large shield.
+ [* icon_note] Unfortunately all this does is give us a view of the motherboard's backside.
+ [* black] Based on our experience with the PS4 Slim, we decide to flip everything over and see if the grass is any greener on the other side...