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[* black] With the top panel removed, we focus our attention towards the power supply unit.
[* icon_note] Unlike the 2013 model which topped out at 165 W, this PSU dishes out 289 W of power (1.5 A @ 4.8 V +23.5 A @ 12 V).
[* icon_reminder] According to the [link||official technical specifications|new_window=true], the PS4 Pro pulls 310 W of power total. The balance is probably spent in transforming power from AC to DC.
+[* black] And now for the million dollar question: ''Why ''is'' this console so much bigger than the original? ''
+ [* icon_note] For comparison purposes, we lined up the PSU from the PS4 Pro (left) and the original PS4 (right). While there's only an 74.2 g difference between the two units, the heat pipe and fan add a bit of bulk to the Pro to wick away excess heat generated by the additional GPU.

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