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[* black] Removing the trackpad requires as little effort as it did with other two 2016 MBP models—we simply spin out thirteen T5 screws and the trackpad is ours.
[* black] And this one is a monster, nearly holding its own beside an iPad mini 2.
[* icon_note] Now we know which trackpad in the family has been [|taking its vitamins|new_window=true].
[* black] We're not surprised to find the same ICs on this trackpad as we did in both 13" MBPs. However, with the increased size, Apple had to add a second touch controller to digitize all that extra trackpad:
[* red] STMicroelectronics [|STM32F103VB|new_window=true] ARM Cortex-M3 MCU
[* orange] Broadcom BCM5976C1KUFBG Touch Controller x2
[* yellow] Maxim Integrated MAX11291ENX 24-Bit, 6-Channel Delta-Sigma ADC
[* green] Monolithic Power Systems [link||MP24830] white LED driver

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