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Düzenleyen: Jeff Suovanen

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[* black] It appears 2016 is the year of the new connector, as this is the [guide|72415|second time|stepid=144739|new_window=true] we've seen the new approach to the battery bridge.
[* icon_note] There are two copper pads on the logic board, one for the positive terminal and one for the ground terminal of the battery.
[* black] Trying to keep up with the trend, Apple included an advanced connector that goes... ''nowhere''?
[* icon_note] Could it be a diagnostic port? Circuits and firmware do need testing, although we have seen a fair amount of [|test points|new_window=true], which usually cut it.
[* black] To bring us home, Apple wanted to include a piece of connection history by incorporating a modular headphone jack. Here we thought these [|were a thing of the past.|new_window=true]
[* black] Nearby we spot a [|water damage indicator sticker|new_window=true], waiting patiently for the day you spill iced tea on your Touch Bar and it can fulfill its purpose in life by turning pink.