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[* black] At last we carve out the (mightily adhered) 5-cell battery.
[* icon_note] Well, five-ish cells. With a nominal voltage of 11.41 V, it's most likely that the two outer pairs are wired in parallel and have exactly half the charge capacity of the center one, to yield three ~3.8 V cells in series.
[* black] You'd better hope your "Pro" career is short, this replacement is a doozy.
[* red] The battery board hosts a TI BQ20Z451 (a possible variant of the [|BQ20Z45-R1|new_window=true] line seen in MacBook Pros forever)
[* black] Listing a 49.2 Wh capacity this battery seems a little piddly compared to the [guide|72415|Function Key edition|stepid=144793|new_window=true]'s 54.5 Wh, especially considering it's driving a lot more functionality (pun intended).
[* black] Dotting our i's we slapped these batteries on a scale: the Function Key-equipped MacBook Pro battery weighed in at 235 grams, while this battery weighs just 197 grams.
[* icon_note] The weight disparity probably helps account for a lighter Touch Bar edition, but the battery seems to rate more watt hours than the decrease in weight would suggest.