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8. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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-[* black] Next to tackle: heat sink assembly
-[* black] Weird spacer standoff as found in 27" iMacs
-[* black] Look at this beast
-[* black] The black plastic bit on the assembly appears to be a channel to direct airflow through the radiator fins.
- [* black] Each radiator fin (and therefor each processor) gets airflow from the fan near it, but a heat pipe also connects the two assemblies, allowing leveling and additional cooling (probably).
+[* black] Next, we mine for Copper, extracting the shiny heat sink.
+[* black] A tall standoff spacer, reminiscent of the [guide|19644|27" iMacs|stepid=49812|new_window=true], houses the screw holding this beast in place.
+[* black] From what we can tell, the heat sink appears to offer double the cooling power:
+ [* black] The black plastic portion of the assembly looks like a channel, directing airflow from the nearby fan through the radiator fins, and ultimately to each processor.
+ [* black] A heat pipe also connects the two halves of the assembly, allowing leveling and, probably, additional cooling.
+[* icon_note] It looks like Microsoft is getting quite a bit ''cooler'' than its [|late 2000s reputation|new_window=true], if you know what we mean.