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+[* black] Lay the display face down on a flat, soft surface.
+ [* icon_caution] The display is heavy and has fragile edges. Avoid lifting the display by the corners.
+[* icon_note] If you are replacing the display panel, you will need to transfer additional components from the old panel to the new one. Compare the back of the old display with the replacement display. Note all missing cables, sensors, and foam cushioning.
+ [* black] If there is a wire or cable underneath adhesive tape, always pull the tape off first. Do not pull on the cable directly.
+ [* black] If the cable is glued to the chassis, use a heated iOpener or a hair dryer to soften the adhesive first. You can slide an opening pick underneath the cable to loosen it. Never pull on the delicate connectors.
+ [* black] Slide an opening pick underneath the foam cushion pieces as you gently pull them off. You may need some double sided tape to re-attach them onto the new display.

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