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6. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Mick O'Connor

Düzenlenme reddedildi tarafından Jeff Suovanen


Adım Satırları

[* icon_note] The ball joint is held to the control arm by three 18 mm bolts.
[* red] Remove the bottom two nuts with a breaker bar or long wrench.
[* orange] Place a breaker bar over the gold nut on the bottom of the control arm.
[* icon_note] The breaker bar alone will not be able to loosen the nut, since the bolt is free to rotate.
[* black] Place an 18 mm box end wrench over the bolt on top of the control arm.
[* black] Turn the breaker bar and the wrench in their respective counterclockwise directions to loosen and remove the third ball joint-to-control arm bolt.
+[* black] Instead of above, I found it convenient to remove the 4 bolts holding the ball joint plate to the strut pole. Don't forget to replace the old bolts with new OR at least use LocTite if you want to re-use the old bolts. DO NOT use a lot of the LocTIte, only a couple of drops, one on each side of the bolt.
+[* black] Use a big trolley jack and make it a good one. See the one in Step 9 - this is best for the job. If you can get the job done in a DIY garage then do it there. Consider the cost as a learning fee for yourself.