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[* black] Connect both the SATA data and SATA power connectors to their respective sockets on the SSD.
[* black] Peel the backing off of the double sided tape.
[* black] Carefully set the SSD into the iMac optical bay as close to the lower left corner as possible.
[* icon_caution] Do not to repeatedly stick and un-stick the tape, as the adhesive will become weaker.
[* black] Once you are happy with the SSD's placement, firmly press down along its edges to ensure full adhesion.
[* icon_note] When re-installing the optical drive, the SATA cable will be sandwiched between the foam padding and the optical drive.
+[* black] Now reverse the steps to put it all back together. Once completed, power on booting from your install disk and select "Restore using a Time Machine Backup".
+[* black] After about 3 minutes the CPU fan will rev to full power, This is because Apple uses its own hard drive firmware for temp readings. Go to and download the software if you wish to reduce the speed to normal.