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[* black] The Bold was as pleasurable to teardown as it was to review. Opening it up was simple, but the Bold gave us trouble when it let us look at its hallowed PCB. It’s a complicated mess there.
[* black] The first thing to note is that RIM spent a WHOLE TON of money on their new Samsung-made screen. It’s an expensive beast; but we’d say that it was totally worth it.
[* black] Samsung continues to impress with its multi-chip packaged MoviNAND+OneNAND+Mobile DDR.
[* black] Infineon and Renesas got big wins with their RF transceivers.
[* black] Cypress also seems to have the West Bridge thing down pact producing those speedy sideloading results noted earlier.
[* black] Also, RIM seems to have spent quite a bit of money on TI’s audio codec, and the results, as noted before, are staggering.