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+[* icon_note] If your display is cracked, [guide|103487|cover it with packing tape|stepid=193572|new_window=true] to help the suction cup adhere and to prevent glass shards from popping loose.
+[* black] Use a [product|IF145-361|suction cup|new_window=true] to pull up on the display and create a slight gap between the display and the phone's enclosure.
+[* icon_caution] The display panel is fragile. If you plan to re-use your display, take care to insert your tool only as far as necessary to separate the adhesive. Inserting the tool any further will damage the display. To minimize the risk of damage, you can use the edges of playing cards to separate the adhesive, rather than a plastic tool.
+[* black] Insert an opening pick or playing card into the gap.
+[* black] Slide the opening pick around the perimeter of the display, slicing through the adhesive that secures it.

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