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[* black] Last year we noted that Apple moved away from its inclusion of a tri-point screw in the MacBook and replaced it with a Phillips screw.
[* black] Tinkerers and repairers can rejoice! Even though we saw [guide|67384|a barrage of tri-point screws in the iPhone 7|stepid=136472|new_window=true], we still see the Phillips screw standing strong.
[* black] Although we were armed with our [product|IF145-299|64 Bit Driver Kit|new_window=true] and prepared for any pesky tri-point screws, it is always a relief to see the repair friendly Phillips screw.
[* black] More of the same is always good when it comes to repair. It is not so good when it comes to permanent, soldered components. To the logic board we go!
+[* black] ...But not before we [product|IF145-304|isolate|new_window=true] that battery to safely depower the system. Speaking of which, this year's battery exactly matches [guide|62149|last year|stepid=130634]'s 41.41 Wh juice box.