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-[* black] Stacked against its older sibling, the Pro 5 (top) is marginally skinnier, featuring more subtle venting and a more rounded rear case.
-[* black] On the back side, a newly designed hinge mechanism allows the stand to extend to a 165º angle while in Studio Mode versus the last year's 150º maximum.
+[* black] Stacked on its older sibling, the Pro 5 is very nearly identical. It has the exact same ports in all the same places, and features the same physical dimensions.
+ [* black] The only difference we pick out is that the vents are larger, but cut in a different face of the perimeter [|trench|new_window=true], rendering them much less visible.
+[* black] On the back side, Microsoft engineers show off their latest advancement in hinge technology, with a newly designed mechanism that ekes out an extra 15 degrees of range, up to a 165º angle.