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10. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

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[* black] Now we are getting to the good stuff, starting with the SSD. We found a 512 GB Samsung flash memory module.
[* black] The chips are marked:
[* red] Samsung S4LJ204X01
[* orange] Samsung 213 K9UHGY8U7A
[* yellow] Samsung 201 K4T263140F
[* black] Proprietary flash memory is [guide|3745|nothing|stepid=17832] [guide|9457|new|stepid=36159] to Apple. It is, however, new to the MacBook Pro lineup.
[* icon_reminder] If this SSD fails, you will not be able to find a replacement but through Apple, so if this fails, expect to pay up the nose till there are third party SSD's available