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7. Adımdaki Değişiklikler

Düzenleyen: Jeff Suovanen

Düzenleme onaylandı tarafından Jeff Suovanen


Adım Satırları

[* black] That little mattress tag we found in the SIM slot removes quite easily from this side. It does indeed look like the phone was assembled with this little guy comfortably in place.
[* icon_note] We've taken apart a lot of phones, but this is a hilarious first.
[* black] Meanwhile, we remove the massive motherboard, including its peninsular (Floridian?) charging port protuberance. The USB-C port is soldered straight to the motherboard. [|We are disappointed|new_window=true].
[* icon_note] If you need to replace this high-wear component, you're in for an (expensive) microsoldering job or a (very expensive) full-motherboard replacement.
[* black] Speaking of removing the board...
[* icon_reminder] The backside of the motherboard is snaked with antenna interconnect cables and vacant coaxial connectors.