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Be sure to hold everything together as you turn the keyboard over. Be especially careful of the ribbon cable going to the left-most side of the keyboard.

Prop the top panel of the keyboard against something to hold it in place. Do the same for the left piece. The right piece can be put to the side

For each octave (7 white keys, 5 black keys), there is one set of 4 white keys and one set of 3 white keys (below the 4 keys). The black keys come in their own group at the very bottom of the "stack".

To remove the white keys, undo the screws and then lift the back of the set while pulling the keys towards you, up and out of the keyboard. It should lift right out

To remove the black keys, lift the back of the set and pull the keys out of the assembly. You may need to use a little more force.

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