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This is the Speaker.

This is what it looks like AFTER the cover and aluminum shielding has been removed.

This is what the Speaker will look like when looking at your Circuit Board.

This is the outlined area you need to carefully remove with wire cutters.

It may help to imagine a plus sign on top and cut in that pattern; made it easier for me while still being careful.

Be careful not to damage the copper coil as shown in the first photo that need to be intact for the heater to remain working otherwise it breaks the circuit completely; since the circuit path runs through the speaks for all functions.

This is the Aluminum Shielding that is under the Speaker Cover and Above the Copper coil ring. Its what creates the circuit so there is sound in the speaker. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE AFTER AND WHAT TO REMOVE.

This is the Speaker Cover, and as shown I removed mine through the Plus Pattern.

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