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We pop off a nice red bracket to free that lengthy fingerprint sensor cable, and spy the NFC antenna OnePlus so graciously pointed out.

Prior OnePlus antennas did just fine without a glass back (which isn't even for wireless charging). So this glass seems to be mainly just for looks. And cracking.

The friendly green tab on this relatively accessible battery says, "由此拉起可拆出电池". This translates to "Pull up and out to remove the battery."

This does not translate to "battery is not removable"—as is written in English in the bottom right corner.

Despite inconsistent labeling, this battery should be consistently easy to remove with that pull tab—it's only lightly adhered in place. Here OnePlus decidedly one-ups its competition.

However, the battery falls behind its peers in capacity, with 12.70 Wh—slightly under the Galaxy S9+ (13.48 Wh) and Google Pixel 2 XL (13.6 Wh).

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