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Let's circle back and talk cameras for a moment.

Although a dual rear-camera setup first emerged on the OnePlus 5, this OnePlus includes OIS—a feature we haven't see since the OnePlus 3T. Coupled with the brand-new IMX519 sensor from Sony, this seems like a significant step up, although early reviews have been surprisingly ... mixed.

Alongside it resides the 20 MP Sony IMX 376K sensor, returning from the earlier OnePlus 5T. The selfie cam gets the 16 MP IMX 371, which has been in circulation since the OnePlus 5 days.

Returning to the bottom edge, we flip out this little daughterboard and survey what's left in the chassis.

That OLED panel is firmly glued in place—it probably won't come out undamaged. You'll likely only be removing a broken display of course, but the procedure for doing so sure isn't repair-friendly.

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