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To test the motor, unsolder the connections and attach jumper leads. Touch these very briefly on the terminals of the battery. If the motor fails to turn, disconnect the battery immediately as there may be a short circuit.

If you need to disassemble the motor, first make a mark on the steel case next to the terminal marked "+". If you reassemble it the wrong way round the motor will turn in the wrong direction.

Prise up the two metal tabs at the back of the steel case. The magnets will resist the rotor being withdrawn, so rather than pulling on the nylon rear piece, push the spindle into and through the front bearing with a very small screwdriver, otherwise you may distort the brush springs.

Inspect the commutator with a magnifying glass. Check for any slivers of copper which might be creating a short between any two segments. Clean it with isopropyl alcohol and an old toothbrush.

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