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The display itself appears glued down with some pretty tough adhesive.

The adhesive is set in under the display, so prying the display up in some cases will result in separating the display from the backlight/frame.

But wait! As in the case of the iPhone 5s, sometimes what appears to be awful adhesive is actually a blessing that just needs documentation.

In this case, the adhesive strips under the display are rubbery stretch-release tabs that do not break, and peel up extremely easily when pulled, leaving no residue and freeing the display in seconds.

While we go into teardowns without repair information in order to give a first-blush repairability analysis, HP provides repair manuals, and will certainly help users prevent mistakes like prying up the display. But even without documentation, we figured out this ingenious adhesive and freed the display without damage.

Seriously we can't say enough good things about how sturdy, sticky, and easy to free these adhesive tabs are.

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