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8. Remove the four 5/16” screws that hold the blower motor assembly in the housing and gently pull the motor assembly free from the housing.

9. Remove the metal pushnut from the blower motor and wheel assembly.

10. Separate the wheel assembly from the blower motor shaft by gently prying between the two with a suitable tool.

11. You may want to clean the ducting and wheel at this time. I used Clorox wipes for the inside of the ducting and a mixture of bleach and dish soap for the plastic blower wheel.

12. Install the blower wheel onto the blower motor shaft by matching up the flats and pressing it into place by hand. Once the wheel is fully inserted, secure the wheel with a new metal pushnut.

13. Apply some Permatex black gasket maker (or equivalent) around the motor cutout and gently slip the replacement motor and wheel assembly into place.

14. Install the four 5/16” motor flange screws into the housing and tighten them. Do not over-torque.

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