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With the Chromebook powered off, insert the CloudReady installer USB stick you made in step 6 (or go make it now on another computer if you haven't done so).

With the USB stick in one of the USB ports, power on the Chromebook. You should see a new thing; a speedy rabbit at the top of your boot screen, and a message at bottom, "Press ESC for Boot Options/Settings."

Do it! Press Escape before the bunny disappears. You'll be given a simple prompt to choose a device. Choose the option that looks like the USB stick you've inserted. It might show the name of the maker, like "Lexar" or "Sandisk" or just "Generic USB."

If you miss it, just wait a moment; you should end up inside the BIOS options anyways, because there's no operating system installed. Choose the "Boot device" menu (or something similar) and look for where you can choose your USB stick for booting.

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