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Now carefully snap the speaker grille back into place and flip the laptop over onto its back and take the wires from the dc jack and route them the same way the old one was.

Then reconnect the plug with two red wires and two black wires and push it all the way in.

Now take the back cover and slip it over the eSata port, HDMI, and VGA, and snap it back down.

Now re-install a screw in each corner loosely and make sure all the edges are down and the switches work. If everything looks good finish putting everything back together in the reverse way we took it apart.

Tip: do the three screws on the edge of the optical drive housing first, then insert both drives. Only do the two arrowed screws on the hard drive, as the cover plate goes through the other two.

Now turn on the laptop and make sure everything works then plug in the charger cord and feel that nice tight snap and a gratifying orange charge light on the front. Then pat yourself on the back, you are done!

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