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Stacked up like pancakes, you'll notice the new MacBook Pro is noticeably bigger (and just a hair thicker) than the latest 15" model. It actually compares well with the 2015 model—in size that is, not port selection.

With the 16" Pro back-to-back against the 2015 Pro, you're almost seeing double ... until you look closer. The display hinge has changed, and the old Pro's keys peek out just a bit more.

In a similar game of "spot the differences" between the two 2019 MacBook Pros, the 16" version gets:

A physical Esc key, separated from the Touch Bar

A matte finish on the Touch ID/power button, matching the rest of the keys

A Touch Bar shortened in length by about 19 mm

Inverted-T arrow keys, all half-sized

If you zoom and enhance the left grille, you can see the camouflaged holes for the improved triple-mic. And now, you can never un-see it.

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