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Now that all our keyboard questions are laid to rest, we can move on to the rest of the bits still lying around.

First up, these fancy new XL-Earpods speakers with an extended enclosure, and opposed woofers on the top and bottom.

The opposed woofers are supposed to cancel each other's vibration out. Kinda like the anti-noise feature of the new AirPods Pro, but ... with bass. Anti-bass?

We aren't as sure about the elongated enclosure, but our best guess is that the new shape redirects sound to improve its quality. Maybe extra volume was needed to accommodate the second woofer?

Next, another sound upgrade: a "high performance" three-mic array. It's laid out similarly to the three-mic array in the 2018 MacBook Air, but looks a little beefier, which could mean these are higher-quality mics.

Finally, the lithium powerhouse that's probably drawing a suspicious glare from the FAA: Apple's 99.8 Wh battery (11.36 V, 8790 mAh).

That's the largest battery we've ever seen in a MacBook—a 4.8 Wh increase over the 17" MacBook Pro, and a huge 16.2 Wh increase over the latest 15" MacBook Pro.

Where did this extra capacity come from? Here, Apple pulled an iPhone 11—each battery cell looks identical to its predecessor, but measures 0.8 mm thicker on average.

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