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Hey look! We found something else to take apart.

Apple's new MagSafe charger doesn't come in the teeny tiny iPhone box (you have to give them more money for it), but we did make sure to order one for some... testing.

It's compatible with all iPhone models (and other devices) capable of Qi-flavored wireless charging. We have a different destiny in mind for ours, though.

Here's our first peek inside—an X-ray view courtesy of Creative Electron.

This makes for a fun comparison with the other inductive charging puck Apple makes, for its Apple Watch. You can see a detailed breakdown of those internals here.

One obvious difference is the dark ring of magnets around the exterior—that's right, there are corresponding magnets in both the charging puck and the new iPhones. The Apple Watch charger uses but a single magnet in the center.

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