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These modular SIM card readers are excellent for repair, if a little oddly placed—the SIM tray, logic board, and battery have all flipped sides from previous models.

Why the switcheroo? The smoking gun is the logic board. It has grown enormously in size since the 11—probably to accommodate Qualcomm's 5G chips—and no longer fits in its old home beneath the cameras.

The speakers in both models are held in place with Phillips screws for a change, and they're a walk in the park to remove.

As we remove the speakers, we notice something different: instead of sticky adhesive, we find bright orange rubber gaskets sitting behind the speaker grilles—somewhat like we're used to seeing in Samsung phones.

This makes for a much easier speaker removal and replacement procedure than in years past, which required reworking messy adhesive. Since the speaker has to be removed for battery replacement, this is a thoughtful design and a win, repair-wise.

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