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We see a lot of standoff screws near the bottom of the case. Luckily, our Marlin Precision Screwdriver Set for iPhones has a standoff driver for just such occasions.

Dare we say, there's just a bit of unused space in here. Maybe just enough to fit, say, a plug of the 3.5 mm variety? (Probably not quite that much, but one can dream.)

It's the exact same Taptic Engine in both the 12 and 12 Pro—functionally interchangeable in our tests—and it's just a smidge smaller than what we saw in the vanilla iPhone 11, but also a smidgen thicker.

If it's specifics you want, specifics we got: the 12-series Taptic Engine measures 22.25 mm x 9.48 mm x 3.56 mm, while last year's variant (from the minty green iPhone 11, at left) comes in at 26.9 mm x 11.18 mm x 3.44 mm.

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