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If you have a pillar drill or drill press you may find this allows you to do the job more quickly. A 3 - 4mm high speed steel drill bit will do nicely.

Drilling through the lid and applying moderate pressure, you may feel the disk platter smash as the drill bit hits it, and likewise a second platter if there is one. Continue drilling until you come out the oter side.

If the platter doesn't smash even with a little extra pressure with the drill, poke a nail punch or centre punch through the hole and hit it quite hard with a hammer until you smash the platter or platters.

If the drill hasn't penetrated right through the drive, shake the shards away from the hole and look into it. If you can see another shiny unbroken surface, there's a second disk platter. Smash that in the same way.

Very old drives, in particular desktop (3.5") drives as well as a few more modern ones may have aluminium platters. You should be able to drill right through these without difficulty.

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