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[The following 2 steps were added as an optional addendum to step 6 by a different author]. It is possible that your pump may be suffering from the same problem as mine where the center chamber with the magnetic core has also gotten waterlogged. If the steps provided above did not fully resolve your issue and you really want to try and fix this pump yourself, You may need to take this to the next level.

First, be sure the pump motor has not burned out. If the pump still works after a fashion, but just not sufficient to get the job done, then the motor is most likely still good.

You can take a multimeter, set it to read Ohms and place the multimeter probes on the 2 terminal leads on the back of the pump. If you get a reading of zero, then the pump motor has burned out and must be replaced.

If the pump motor is still good but you are looking at needing to replace the pump anyways and you are handy, then you may wish you examine the magnetic core to see if there is water in the center chamber where the core resides. Inside the pump case, there are 3 chambers, 2 on the sides and 1 in the center.

The 2 chambers on the sides are not water sealed and water and grit can get in and rot and really putrefy. That is what all that black junk was that was coming out of the pump.

The center chamber is where the magnetic core resides and this needs to remain free from water and debris. It needs to be lightly greased so the magnetic core spins freely. There is a rubber stopper on the top of the magnetic core which should keep the center chamber dry.

If the rubber stopper is warn, then water will get in and decrease the pump's efficiency. To examine if this is your problem, you need to gently remove the magnetic core.

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