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Remove the 2 screws in the bottom case front section.

Remove a screw from the top, adjacent to the mode wheel.

Remove the front cover. This requires a fair amount of wiggling in order to release it at the top. There is a hidden clip just to the left of the on/off button which requires a little force to release, especially on a first disassembly. Easy does it.

If necessary, insert a small flat bladed screwdriver at the end of the silver trim to the left of the on/off button. Lift it by just half a millimetre or so whilst pulling the front cover. This should release the clip. Take care not to bend or otherwise damage the trim.

Note the long finger on the top of the front cover which protruded under the top panel to engage with the screw removed in the second bullet. This is very easily bent and broken off. Reattaching it would be challenging. Bear this in mind when you put this part aside, especially if you will be storing it for a little while before reassembly.

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