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On the front of the camera you will now be able to see two accelerometers mounted at right angles, and beneath them the backup battery. It is not necessary to dismantle any of these unless they are suspect.

Removal of a single screw securing a right angle metal bracket releases the two accelerometers.

Touch the probes of a test meter (set to the 20V range) on the two silvery dots to test the battery. It should read between 2.4 and 3.1V, depending on its state of charge. In normal use it is charged from the main battery and maintains the settings and the date and time when the main battery is removed or discharged.

The backup battery is a Panasonic ML614 manganese rechargeable lithium type or MS614 manganese silicon rechargeable lithium. It may be damaged if its voltage is allowed to drop below 2V. On no account must it be replaced by a non-rechargeable coin cell.

A plastic clip holds the battery assembly in place on two plastic pegs. Take great care not to tear its delicate ribbon.

To remove the battery from its holder, lift it on the ribbon side with a pointed tool. It's retained by two tiny tabs on the other side.

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