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Holding the inner lens barrel in one hand and the flange of the aperture and image stabilisation unit in the other, pull gently to extend the lens to its open but un-zoomed state. Notice that the zoom control barrel will rotate anticlockwise.

Rotate the zoom control barrel further to the fully zoomed position. Six pins in the inner silver barrel will now have reached the end of their helical grooves, allowing the inner silver barrel to be lifted off.

On reassembly, there are 6 possible orientations of the inner silver barrel. Facing the front of the lens and with the engraving on the lens the correct way up, the aperture and image stabilisation ribbons should be at 8 o'clock.

Ensure the 6 pins on the inner silver barrel are correctly inserted into the ends of their grooves and rotate the zoom control barrel to close the lens. Ensure that it closes all the way, resulting in the protective shutter closing.

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