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The two ribbon cables are attached to the logic board via solder pads with small holes that go through the cables and attach to flat pads on the face of the logic board.

To desolder the battery flex cable, place a copper desoldering braid on top of the existing solder pads and press down on the braid with the soldering iron.

Once the solder melts and flows into the braid, remove the braid from the pad.

Process may need to be repeated two or three times to ensure complete removal of all solder.

Beware of overheating the board and the cable. Only hold the tip of the iron against the pad long enough to let the solder melt. Excess heat buildup has the potential to ruin the logic board or melt the ribbon cable.

DO NOT bridge the connection between the solder pads both on the board and on the ribbon cable. Shorts have the potential to ruin the logic board.

Repeat this process for the power/volume flex cable.

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