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Once you have the first screwdriver worked in (don't push it in very far, there's a battery close to there), use the other screwdriver to work open the second tab. You'll want both screwdrivers in the ZEN at the same time, like in picture 1. You'll notice that the bottom shell has started to separate.

Remove one of the drivers, trying not to let the case snap back together. Move it to the side (bottom or top) that is closer to the side that still has its driver stuck in. Locate the tab closest to the corner (red rectangle again), 0.5" in again. Free this tab, and hold the corner so that it stays open like in pic. 2.

Release the other two tabs (marked in orange) in the same manner. They are 0.5" and 1.3" from the usb-port side. DO NOT TRY TO SEPARATE THE USB-PORT SIDE. There are different tabs holding it in, so we need to release the three other sides first.

In the 3rd pic, you can see one of the actual tabs inside (far left rectangle). It's 0.5" in from the left side, and the others are 1.9" and 0.5" from the usb-port side. Release all these tabs (8 tabs in total).

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