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These are just some extra interesting pics of my ZEN.

1st pic: the other side of the main board. The large thing in the middle is the SD card reader.

2nd pic: I had to take this picture through a jeweler's loupe. This ZEN suffered an unfortunate swim in a pool, and the power pins of the memory modules (blue rectangle) suffered for it. Amazingly, it didn't die from the water damage.

3rd pic: this is just something that impressed me. The item marked in red is an inductor, which is a bit of plastic or metal wrapped with wire. This inductor in particular is about a millimeter long. The wire wraps about 0.5mm, and there are between 10 and 20 wraps of wire in that space. That's just amazing.

the first pic indicating two circles are the power IC which burns out while charging it with wrong chargers.

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