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Put the upper burr back on and reinstall the hopper (without coffee beans yet).

Run the (empty) grinder briefly to make sure it all sounds OK. Try both coarse and fine grind settings.

If all sounds well, add some coffee to the hopper. Dial in the grind and try it out! If something seems off, see the troubleshooting steps below or refer to the troubleshooting page here.

There is a bit of a break-in period the first week where the new impeller gets a protective coffee coating. It is recommended using a medium or light roast during this time.

Congrats on using 3D printing to repair something! Enjoy your coffee! Godspeed! Deus tecum.

If you thought this guide was thorough, you should see our primary work. SteadyMouse LLC helps folks with Parkinson's disease use their mouse again. Come check us out anytime at and perhaps help us spread awareness. Cheers!

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