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I restored the NES 2 in a slightly different way. Instead of using saran wrap I put the shell in a ziplock bag and put it under the light with no baking sheet under it. Here's what I found:

Without the baking sheet it took significantly longer to restore this shell. The benefit of the aluminum sheet is it reflects the light which does a much better job of hitting the sides of your items. This shell was under for 5-6 days before fully restored with one 24hr period during that time having the rear of the shell facing nearly straight up

to restore it.

Using a ziplock bag was significantly faster at getting everything covered over saran wrap however it didn't do nearly as good of a job at restoring the consoles shine. The bag is a little more rigid than saran wrap which made it difficult to lay the bag flat onto the shell with the salon creme on it. You have to fold the bag under itself in order

to make this work. The console still looks new but after having better previous results I know there's still a little improvement to be made but I don't intend to redo this unless it begins to yellow again.

Final thoughts:

For faster, and quality, results I would highly recommend an aluminum baking sheet, or some sort of reflective material, under whatever you're trying to restore to ensure all angles of the plastic are hit by the uv light.

Although the ziplock bags were a faster alternative to saran wrap in reality it only saved 5-10 mins during the prep stage. All things considered this isn't a big significance. In my test it compensated the quality of the overall finish and personally I prefer quality above all else when it comes to console restoration.

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