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Welcome to the cartridge based portion of this guide. Lets dive right in!

Recently I accidentally stumbled upon an amazing product. Allow me to introduce the 1up Card and various forms of the 1up Console Cleaner. The Console Cleaner is a friction based cleaning device and it does exactly as described, gives a 1up to your console. Simply insert and withdraw the cartridge a few times and it's amazing how well these work.

My photos show me inserting the cart anywhere from 5-8 times. Until recently there hasn't really been an easy way to clean your consoles pin connectors and the 1up line of products promises to bridge that gap.

After use of the Console Cleaners you'll want to clean them as best as possible. DO NOT use liquid cleaners here as Adam, the creator, informs me that this will reduce the lifespan of the cartridge. Grab yourself a Qtip, or preferabaly a 1up Card, wet it with WATER ONLY and wipe the Console Cleaner. I marked mine so I knew what they were for.

Now lets talk about the 1up Card real quick. These are specifically designed to fit the gap between the cartridge and game PCB. They are a much faster and economical solution to pin cleaning compared to Q-tips. They're reusable, create much less mess and leave no fibers on your nice and clean game pins which means less debris in your console.

Simply apply some alcohol to the pad labeled fluid, rub your pins vigorously with the card, flip the card and buff with the dry side. It's just that easy. If you're into retro gaming then I HIGHLY advise you to buy these products. I am not sponsored in anyway and will make nothing off of your purchases. Buy them here:

I purchased the Master Pack which includes a Console Cleaner for every cartridge based system, excluding the Sega Game Gear. I inquired to why this was and Adam informed me that he was having trouble sourcing GG cartridges, either OEM or 3D printed. I happen to find some OEM carts on eBay, sent him the link and he's already received them.

Hopefully, soon we will have a cleaner for that system as well. That said, if anyone reading this has the ability to 3D print carts for the game gear please leave a comment with contact information.

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