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Last but not least, are the retro covers with stamped logos. Mind you, there are probably other sellers on eBay who sell similar items but I like the products from The Pat Rat Shack. Check them out at this link:

Pros: these hand made covers, for the most part, come in a variety of fabric colors and system logo stamp colors. Choose the option that best suits your taste.

Cons: some of these covers account for the pre cut sections for wire inputs but for some reason the fabric encircles the port instead of being a full cut out. It's a simple flaw in its design which needs to be cut otherwise you'll have 2 options. 1) unplug/uncover/replug your cables every time or 2) leave cables plugged and slide the cover down the

length of cord. Personally I haven't done the latter but it doesn't sound cosmetically appealing so I've cut all of mine. These covers also don't always fully cover the system and leaves significant ports uncovered which to an extent renders the cover almost pointless but still covers a lot of the entry points. The Dreamcast cover is a good example

of this. These covers also aren't made of any sort of water resistant material. I neglected to mention earlier that Foamy Lizards covers come stock with a water resistant fabric on the interior of the cover and digitaldeckcovers has various fabrics you can pick and choose from.

Just to reiterate, of the 3 options listed The Pat Rat Shack is the only one without water resistant materials.

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