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So you purchased a game or console that some punk kid, who's now an adult, wrote on with a marker and now you have to correct their youngerselfs stupid mistake. The inhumanity!

I cannot take credit for this as I stumbled upon this information on a youtube video long ago. The best and fastest way to remove marker from a cartridge is with a... Magic Erase Marker. Yes, use marker to fight marker. You'll still need some alcohol on hand but simply write over the old marker with the magic erase and give it a wipe with a paper

towel with a little alcohol on it. This simple method has saved me countless times and has effectively worked every time except for once.

Metroid is the only game that's every given me problems. No matter how much magic erase or 91% + alcohol I use it just won't fully go away. If this happens to you remember persistence pays. Do the best you can until you get frustrated. When that happens stop, walk away and return to the task at hand when you're ready. Even if it's a few days or

weeks. The more you scrub it the more it will come off but it might take some time.

The more force you use can slowly begin to wear down the finish of the cartridge shell so take care here. If you look at my copy of Metroid you can see where the marker was, even if it wasn't pictured, because there's a distinct shine in that area.

Clean yours game stuff with soft, non abrasive materials such as Q-tips, cotton balls and microfiber cloths to prevent scratching the plastic surface.

Eventually I gave up on removing the ink from this shell. I purchased a blank NES cart on eBay and replaced the front shell. This is a good way to recover a damaged cartridge shell but these new ones don't fully match the OEM cart specs. It's hardly noticeable and if you didn't know it was different you may never notice. Our little secret ;)

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