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Technology does a lot of great things for us. We now have the ability to print replacement replica stickers for consoles and games. Well, some of us do anyway. eBay is one of the best spots to pick these up. If you damaged a sticker during cleaning or purchased something with a damaged sticker jump online for a replacement. This is a much cheaper

solution than replacing the entire game which you wouldn't be able to sell at full price now anyway. I can't guarantee there's a replacement sticker for everything but chances are pretty good and if you find a seller who makes them you can always ask for a special order. Bear in mind special orders may come at a higher price.

Pay close attention when searching for stickers. Even the sellers typically give a disclaimer that they may slightly differ from the original design/colors.

My Pokemon Blue replacement sticker is a perfect example of this. I observed the replica and a copy of a undamaged original sticker for comparison. The replica appears to be a perfect copy with the exception of two minor details. If you look at the left side of the game cartridges you'll notice the writing is identical except for 1 letter. A "C" is

in place where an "E" is located on the original sticker. Also the ESRB graphic isn't identical to the OEM sticker. I noticed this before purchase but a perfect replica sticker was 3x the price at $12. I didn't see this as a problem but it's something to consider when replacing.

Take care when cleaning game stickers. Both Mario Kart64 and Pokemon Blue were the error of complacency. I was in the midst of cleaning several games back to back, inside and out, and wasn't paying attention to the amount of alcohol I had put on the paper towel which was used to wipe the cartridge and sticker. Over saturated clothes will bleed

through your stickers. I recommend using 50% rubbing alcohol content or lower when wiping your stickers clean. Anything higher will require a little attention. Use minimal pressure and alcohol when wiping the sticker.

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